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Lea (#1095)

Sep 19, 2020, 12:00am

Wrapping up the Event

Fashionable Finale!

Thanks to everyone's efforts, Virva's fashion event was a smashing success! Even sprouts got to have fun... though they mostly ate their outfits at the end. It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone dress up and show off their creativity!

Make sure to spend your hard-earned points in the Outfit Outlet!
The event shop will remain open through September 25th until rollover to the 26th.
Once the shop closes, any remaining points will be converted to Mod Tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

Don't forget to enter the Catwalk Fashion Show, which is open for entries until September 25th as well!
Everyone who enters will recieve a Clothes Box for participating~

Over the next day the mods will be wrapping up final point tallies and updating the spreadsheet. Your patience during this time is appreciated.
We hope everyone had a fantastic time! Please feel free to leave any feedback on the event in the comments here.

But what's this? It seems that, although the fashionable festivities are being wrapped up, the admins aren't quite done yet and appear to have something else up their sleeves.... what could they have planned in the coming weeks??

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SchattenspielRex (#1746)

Sep 18, 2020, 6:54am

Cash Slots OPEN 09/18/20

Here is what's available!

1 customs
4 crossbreeds - 1 Left!
5 breedchanges - 3 Left!

The list will be updated as soon as we can to reflect what's left and what isn't, please keep in mind we might not always be quick to do so depending on how fast or slow orders come in and real-life factors!

Thank you for supporting WindRose!

If you encounter any errors or have questions when purchasing, please contact me, complexQuanta, or post in this thread!

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Sep 18, 2020, 12:45am

Event End Reminder

Event End Reminder

Reminding everyone that today is the last day of the Fashion Festival event! It will end tonight, upon rollover to September 19th. Be sure to get any last minute points in while you can!

Virva's Outfit Outlet will remain open through September 25th, so be sure to get any orders in before then.

The Catwalk will also remain open through September 25th. As the final date approaches, you may start seeing some other familiar faces making an appearance to show off their different styles - I wonder who'll show up?

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Sep 12, 2020, 12:00am

✧ The 2020 Fashion Festival Begins! ✧

Fashionable Fun with Fabric!

The Peacekeepers and Virva seem to be nearly done with their preparations for whatever they'd been plotting these last few weeks - booths have been erected with colorful fabrics and clothing on display every way you look. Virva is still busy at the runway they have set up, preparing for the grand event. Everyone you see is is dressed their best, looking for a new piece for their snazziest outfit.

With so much inspiration and new clothes, Virva has decided, with some help from the Peacekeepers, to show off her fabulous new creations in grand fashion! Eager to see everyone's creativity with new and old clothing, and making designs of their own, the Peacekeepers have set up an event for everyone to try their hands at a bit of fashion work themselves.

Sew what are you waiting for? Put on your sharpest outfit and get some work cut out for you. There's fun to be had, clothes to be made, and even a shop stocked with some of Virva's latest trends!

You can keep track of your points on the Point Sheet.

For the most part everything seems to be running smoothly, but you've heard some gossip here and there that Virva has been overwhelmed with work - maybe you should check around and see if she needs help with anything?

Tailoring Troubles
Yummy Clothing!
Sew Much To Do, So Little Time!
Tricky Thrifting
It's Raining Clothes!
The Catwalk
Artistic Apparel

The event will run from September 12th to Steptember 18th,
ending upon rollover to the 19th.

Not only will this be a great opportunity to get clothes both old and new, but there will be seven new items added to the shop! Be sure to check that out under the shop tab. Additionally, some of the new items in the mid and low tier of the event shop will also be available outside the event soon after. Keep an eye out for them!

We hope everyone has a fabulously fantastic time with fashion and fabric! See you on the runway!


A big shoutout to our fantastic artists for making all these awesome new clothing items!

Fabric Scraps, Cutie Dress, Glitter Top, Glitter Skirt, Velvet Gloves, High Heels, Samba Top, Samba Pants, Samba Sleeves - SchattenspielRex (# 1746)

Labcoat, Scientist's Hair, Magic Staff, Mechanical Wings, Spikey Cargos, Windswept Locks, Rainbow Locks, Shoe Boxes, Dainty Bow, Casual Hoodie, Rolled Up Sleeves, Rolled Up Socks - comic sans (# 1801)

Lab, Yin Thane, Yang Thane, Bettafly, Nephrochi, Flumee, and Haitchi Masks - Wyvern (# 2076)

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Sep 11, 2020, 12:00am

Get your best threads ready!

Event Reminder

Just a reminder that the Fashion Festival event will be starting tomorrow! Hope everyone is ready to dress up and have a fun time!
The event will begin upon rollover to September 12th and will last a week, ending on rollover to September 19th.

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