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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Feb 13, 2020, 6:02am

Love Festival Sign-Up Reminder

Sign Ups Ending Soon!

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder that sign ups for the Love Festival will be ending soon! You have until rollover to the 14th to get those last minute sign ups in. After that we will no longer be accepting sign ups for the event, so make sure you sign up for anything you want to help with!

Tally Loves, you will be getting a PM with information on how to tally booths within a few days of us closing sign ups. If you feel you have been missed please let us know.

Booth Runners, you will be PMed with the point give-outs of your booth. Once you get that please PM a mod with the requested information for your booth. We will then give you the go ahead to post your booth in the special event forums. You will have a week to give us this information, so please do not feel like you need to rush yourself to get it done in one day.

Thank you all for your time! We hope to see everyone during the event, and that everyone has fun during it!

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Irefe (#80)

Feb 12, 2020, 5:53am

Rare Seed Update

Rare Seed Renames

I've seen many people over the years (myself included) show a dislike towards the rare seed names and the rares listed in research not matching each other. I absolutely understand this frustration, so I took it upon myself to correct it as best I could!

That said, the following rare seeds have been renamed to better reflect their names in the rare research section. Hopefully this will help with any farther confusion!

Moon Seed > Crescent Moon Seed
Fire Seed > Burning Phoenix Seed
Broken Seeds > Error PineSeeds
Birthday Seed > First Birthday Seed
Black Seed > Spectral Seed
MoonGlow Seed > Shattered Moon Seed
Fire Helicopter Seed > Smoldering Seed
Sprouting Seed > Bumblebee Bud
Willow Seed > Blue Fuzzy Seed
Coldfire Seed > Moonfire Seed
Emberfire Seed > Harvest Moon Seed
Plain Berry > Catfish Berry
Gold Acorn > Golden Birch Acorn
Orange Acorn > Orange Oak Acorn
Snowflake Seed > Glacial Seed
Starbeam Seed > FlameStone Seed
Prism Seed > Rainribbon Seed
Coral Seed > Pink Electric Seed
Ethereal Seed > Ghost Snapseed
Amelanistic Corn > Amel Snapseed
Pale Gourd Seed > Pale Pumpkin Seed
Void Pumpkin Seed > The Void
PoisonApple Acorn > Gooey Acorn
Fluffy Cloud Puff > Winter Cloud Puff
Cozy Crystal Seed > Cozy Sunrise Seed
Colorful Scaleseed > Macaw Scaleseed
Sprouting Snapseed > Island Snapseed
Coral Reed > Coral Oyster Reed
Tribal Blue > Tribal Blue Seed
Tribal Red > Tribal Red Seed
Moon Pod > Moonlit Pod
Sun Pod > Sunstream Pod

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SchattenspielRex (#1746)

Feb 8, 2020, 1:11pm

Cash Slots CLOSED

Cash slots are open again, grab em while you can!

The post will be updated as things get bought up
3 Breedchanges Closed!
3 Crossbreeds Closed!
1 Custom Closed!

Thank you for supporting windrose!

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Hana-tan (#264)

Feb 3, 2020, 6:00am

Love Fest Sign-Ups

Now that solstice is over, we would like to start sign ups for the Love Festival!
The sign ups will last until the 13th, after which we will contact those who have signed up and let them know what games we have chosen to use in the Festival. At the same time, we will also contact anyone who signed up for being a tally love and explain to them how to tally games.

Let us explain what we are looking for.

Booth Runners

Booth Runners host games for the Love Festival. They are requested to help with not only running their booth daily but also tallying it at least once a day. For those who would like to run a booth, please sign up here by posting below with a game that you want to run. You can pick a game from the past list of games provided >> here <<, or you can post a game that you have come up with on your own.

Booth Runners will get an extra 10 points per day for running a booth and tallying it each day. They will also get to choose an extra pick from the grand tier prizes. They also receive a special sticker.

Tally Loves

Tally Loves are people who help tally the booths. Their job is to successfully count all the points in a booth at least once a day. Before the event runs, we will contact you to let you know how to tally games.
Tally Loves' daily booth does not count if they are tallying a booth they are also running. It must be a game they are not running. There must be at least three posts in between tallies.

Tally Loves will get an extra 10 points for tallying a booth. They can tally up to five times a day, for a cap of 50 points. They will get an extra grand tier and mid tier pick at the end of the event if they have tallied at least one booth. They will also receive a special sticker.

You can sign up to be both a tally love and a booth runner.

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Irefe (#80)

Jan 31, 2020, 6:12am

Solstice End

And the Solstice comes to an end! Thank you all for playing and we hope you enjoyed the event.

Congratulations to the Moon Team for the win- 25 to Sun teams 23!

Make sure to check the Solstice Prizes page at the bottom to collect any winnings from the raffle or highscores! Both should be awarded there.

To the winner of the special prize: Make sure to message SchattenspielRex (# 1746) with your custom request and check the event start news post for more information!

If anyone has suggestions for how to improve the Solstice moving forward, please post here and let us know, thanks for playing!

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