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Irefe (#80)

Apr 4, 2020, 12:45am

Blossom Festival!

Blossom Festival Update

Hello all! I bring news about the upcoming Blossom Festival slated to run at the end of the month. Originally, we were uncertain if we would have the time to run the festival due to having a lot of clean up admin side after getting the site earlier this year, but I bring good news! Most of the Blossom Event stuff has been completed, which means we will be running Blossom this year! Yay!

On the down side, because of the time constraints, the features released for blossom will be minimal. We will have some things for you all to work towards for certain, but they'll be minor updates and smaller things rather than the larger updates of previous years (new explore areas, the gardens, wardrobe, etc.) For those that aren't aware, the Blossom Event is usually played with a community goal in mind- at various points in a site-wide progress bar, new features on site are unlocked.

With that said, moving forward with Blossom in future years, we may stick to smaller updates, or perhaps even remove the global progress bar in exchange for some new festival games instead. No promises of these changes, but it will prevent there from being crunch time for blossom or the admin team having to start working on coding and set up months in advance for blossom when we could be doing other things around site. We'll have more information on this towards Blossom next year most likely.

Some New Friends here to Bug us

It seems with all the flowers being gathered in preparation for blossom, some new friends have come to insect- I mean inSPECT the excitement.

For the month of April, four new bugs will be spawning in explore- The Honey Bee, Angel Bee, Ladybug and Misterbug! They'll be leaving us at the end of April, but don't worry, they'll be back next year to celebrate Blossom as well!

Happy bug catching! We hope you're all as stoked for Blossom as we are!

-The Admin team

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cloudwylk (#1028)

Apr 1, 2020, 4:11pm

Back in order...

The clouds have all come to an agreement.

Sorry for any messes you may have witnessed in the past few hours. This shouldn't happen again... Hopefully...

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cloudwylk (#1028)

Apr 1, 2020, 1:01pm

Diplomatic Discrepancies in the Stratosphere

As the new admin of clouds WEATHER, me and the other clouds have been discussing how we can take over Kio make Kio a better place. Unfortunately this has led to some thunderous disagreements in the stratosphere. I apologize for any negative side effects this may cause, we are working out our differences ASAP.

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Kira (#374)

Apr 1, 2020, 5:13am

New changes for Windrose

      Important News!!!      

We have an important announcement! The mods have once again banded together to take over WindRose. The current admin team is making running the site look so easy we have decided to try our hands at it.

CacophonyCrowe (#1078) is to be now and forever known as the admin of all things Corvidae. Under his ruling, feathers will be flying high into the sky! He also declares that everyone must offer whatever shinies they have in their pocket as tribute to any and all Magpies they see!

Lea (# 1095) will now be the admin of all things pretty! If it's pretty, it's hers. The I.o.U. Slips are especially hers. Lea is currently working hard on the new fashion of Kio. The current fashion is box! Everyone should be wearing boxes on their head with only the best faces drawn on them.

Kira (# 374) is now the admin of grass. If she finds you stepping on the grass, she will make sure the grass will step on you!

Hana-tan (# 264) has claimed the right to be admin of ghosts. Together with the power of our friendly WindRose ghosts she will keep track of all things going on in Kio. No where is unseen, not even your wardrobe!

cloudwylk (# 1028) was such a great mod they are now admin of two things! Both of these will be very important things moving forward.
Admin of Weather, that declares the clouds will last forever
Admin of Wylk, that states all Wylk have a defacto loyalty to Cloud when mistreated or neglected.

Harvester of Light (# 2382) will now be known as the admin of the garden. All things related to this will go through her. Beware, there was talk of non-garden things being harvested. Stay on Harvester’s good side.

For our first and most important task, we would like to announce Kioten as the new ruler/goddess of WindRose. You may pay tribute to her in forms of kion, by giving it to her servant Kate.

Our next announcement is that we will be changing the type of currency given. This currency will be absolutely worthless, as our new goddess Kioten is the only one who can have the true form of currency. Thus we introduce the I.O.U. slips! You may trade these in and claim them for absolutely nothing!

Your new admins, CacophonyCrowe, Lea, and Kira have decided to run a fun event to celebrate the great new changes that are coming! You can find the game here and the shop here . Everyone on the site will start with 100 points for this event. You can spend them in the shop until rollover tomorrow. After that you will lose all chance to spend your points.

CacophonyCrowe has used his new admins powers to bring you a brand new rare!
This rare had been made especially by Caco’s own hands just for the site! Make sure to thank and praise Caco for the new rare. Dont make your new admin mad.

Lea has used her art talents to make the art for the new site currency the I.O.U. slips so make sure to thank her as well. If you dont we will have to change the currency again - this time into air.

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Apr 1, 2020, 5:00am

A Very Serious Message from your New Overlord

Greetings, humble peons!

I come to you bearing both some most sublime News in regards to the Future, as well as a Gift!

I just wanted to announce that from this day forward, I will be stepping up as the new head Art Administrator for WindRose! After seeing the vastly superior art I so generously deigned to create for all of you, FORMER Art Admin SchattenspielRex (#1746) has admitted defeat in the face of my immeasurable drawing skills!

He will now be taking a step back to study under my wise and excellent tutelage, but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy the wonderful new rare I have lovingly crafted just for you. (Of course, it will take years of studying for Rex to achieve the frankly magnificent levels of skill and technique of which I already possess, but isn't that a small price to pay for truly beautiful art?)

As for the rare - I, even in my unparalleled brilliance, have not quite managed to conjure up my own rendition of the sadly elusive MoonFox. Instead however, I bring to you the even rarer and more majestic FoonFox!

Seeing as I am so very kind and generous, everyone who has been online within the last 2 weeks will be given a FoonFox rare seed of their own!

-- In Addition: Exciting News! --

Since I am a crow of many exceptional talents, I have also discovered that I have a phenomenal talent for coding! Because I only want everyone to have fun, and also to show off how wonderful I am, I have decided to make it so that every user can now prank their own sprouts rather than having to grovel before a moderator to do it for you. Now you can adorn your sprouts with stunning art all by yourselves!

If you visit your sprout's profile, you should see a delightful little "Prank!" button underneath their picture! How amusing!

There is no need to thank complexQuanta (#2405) for this. He had nothing to do with it, it was all my doing, because I am an excellent coder as you all know.

Now! Everyone feel free to share your pranked sprouts below if you so wish!
And do not forget to SHOWER ME in your PRAISES for all I've done for you ~

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