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11-02, Keeper: Loque'nahak

WindRose currently has:
2 Users Online
(The most ever was: 45)
3596 Total Accounts

87894 Total Sprouts
24 Breeds

176 Stickers to Collect

19 Areas to Explore
12 Types of Weather
10 Users on a Quest

304 Items to Experiment With
292 Wardrobe Items to Wear
320 Items with Special Abilities
112 Dice to Play With

45 Forums
1753 Threads

Explore Changes and Feedback

Thank you for all of your suggestions and feedback on the recent changes to Explore! After looking at the feedback, we've made the following changes:

* Areas which are only accessible for a limited amount of time per day do not "clear" old items when they generate new items. This change was implemented a few weeks ago.

* Items with timers are never cleared when new items are generated. This change was implemented a few minutes ago.

I really appreciate all of the investment and interest that our users show; the feedback we got was very important for trying to make Windrose fun.