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Rivire, Keeper: Sinea

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Bettafly are Fluttering by soon!

On the 1st of August, WindRose and the world of Kio are turning 10 years old!

To celebrate, there will not only be a nice event for everyone to enjoy, but we will also sell a few of the bettafly that come fluttering about to help us celebrate 10 years!

To give back something special to our users, we are opening up some Bettafly breedchanges and customs, which are usually not publically available!

What will be available is:
3 Customs
5 Breechanges

These will be announced anytime within 48h of the 1st of August Event Start, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bettafly customs will start at 80USD, and not at the normal basic gen1 custom price of 30USD! Because of that, you will not find them under the Standard Breed tab of custom orders, but under the Rare Lines tab!

Bettafly breedchanges will have a base price of 20USD and will have the normal +5USD for every additional marking and mutation!

Thank you to all our users for supporting WindRose, a thank you to all our staff for making the site run as smoothly as we can, and thanks to everyone to make WindRose an enjoyable experience for everyone! And a big thanks to Elyneara for bringing this beautiful place into existence!