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Custom Clothing Opening 09/17/21 - CLOSED

We are offering another opening of custom clothes!

As the cash shop page for it isn't quite ready yet, this will work via forums!

5 Slots are available!

Please follow the instructions below to order:

Comment in this forum thread with a clear and visible indication of wishing to claim a slot! This can be as simple as "claim" or as complex as running sentences

You will receive a PM from me if you managed to snag a slot successfully! Please follow the instructions given in the received PM. Give it 24h to receive the PM before reporting potential issues.

Try to inform yourself of the prices below before ordering, so you are ready to respond ASAP!

Please note that every claimed slot that fails to give a response within 48h will be reopened!

The prices:

Simple clothing (10USD Start Price)

Complex clothing (20USD Start Price)

The extras
Intricate details (+5USD)
Bust difference ((TOPS ONLY) +10USD)
Fitting Sleeves ((TOPS ONLY) +10USD)
Specified Texture (+10USD)
Non-Color taking parts (+5USD)
Size (+5USD)
Gradients (+5USD)
Many Objects (+10USD)
Big Objects (+10USD)
Major/Unknown (+20USD)

Info On Custom Clothes
A custom piece allows the buyer to choose:
The type of clothing (hat, face, neck, etc)
Patterns and style of the item (Victorian style, modern, etc)
A unique name for the item
The choice if the item will be added to site events/boxes/giveaways/etc or not.
The overall aesthetic and colors
The pose for leg and sleeve pieces (for sleeves: casual, cute, sporty, for legs: casual, cute, tough)

Additionally, there are extra options to choose from for each requested piece.
Below are explanations for them.

No extras - No special options for this item
Intricate Details - Extra detailed additions on the item, whether it be separate fabric pieces or patterns. This includes things like lace, many repeat patterns, filigree, and similar additions.
Bust Difference - On tops only, the clothing piece can vary between the flat/pect/slight bust and bust options. It may go as extreme as one being a suit top, the others being a dress top.
Fitting Sleeves - Some tops look best with sleeves specifically made to fit that top, this option allows you to buy an additional sleeve piece to your top piece that is made to fit it neatly. NOTE: If your sleeves have intricate details, but your top doesn’t, you will still need to select the intricate details option as well. (This goes for all options, the intricate detail is just one example)
Specified Texture - A specific texture overlaying your piece instead of the “flat” style normal WindRose clothing has. For example a knitted or woven texture, jeans texture, and similar additions.
Non-color Taking Parts - Not all parts of a clothing piece need to be recolorable. With this option, you can choose which parts aren’t recolorable, or maybe even all of your piece isn’t.
Size - Some clothing items stray from the usual size of the rest of its type. This option is for such pieces. This includes coats, dresses, big skirts, and similar much- larger-in-size pieces.
Gradients - Mostly self explanatory. Gradients are pretty, but as of right now our code is acting a bit wonky about them. Hence it tends to need some fiddling. (In the future this option might be deleted once the code has been changed and updated for it)
Many Objects - Some pieces include many little objects, like the “Butterfly Swarm” item. This option is for such pieces.
Big Objects - This option is for big extra pieces in your item. Examples of this would be the Centifi Plush, Berry Lantern, and Tamed Lynx.
Major/Unknown - Other big options we might not have thought about.

You will receive preview images during the creative process to ensure that you are happy with the outcome before you receive the final piece.

Please use the form below to prepare your custom requests. When slots are available a purchase option will appear at the end of a completed custom request form. You may return and edit a custom request as many times as desired before purchase.

Please feel free to give a theme or concept instead of a full detailed request.

Thank you for supporting WindRose!

If you encounter any errors or have questions when purchasing, please contact me, complexQuanta, or post in this thread!