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2021 Harvest Festival Leaf Mosaic Results!

Harvest Festival Leaf Mosaic Finalists!

Thank you for your patience as we wrapped up the final details for the Harvest Festival Leaf Mosaic Contest!
All of the entries were AMAZING in their own ways, the staff team really had a hard time deciding on their top favourites! Seriously, it was so hard. Why did you do that to us. Rude. (just kidding, but it really was a difficult choice!)

That being said, the official winners of the 2021 Harvest Festival Leaf Mosaic Contest are as follows:

1st.) Sinea (#1330)
2nd.) -wingsofwasp- (#3515)
3rd.) alisonlatres (#3061)

As mentioned in the contest thread, they will receive the following prizes:

1st Place: Mysterious Rare Box + Albino Crow Feather + Angel Feather
2nd Place: x2 Hourglass Plant + x2 Dragonstone
3rd Place: Blue Corn + Corn Husk Doll + Horn of Korjae + Ghost Shadow

All other participants will receive x5 Harvest Boxes!

Thank you everyone who participated! Once again, we really, really enjoyed seeing what you all came up with! We hope you had as much fun making your entries as it was to see them!

As a side note, if your name is not Irefe, Rex, or Complex, please check this thread for some extra secret shenanigans!

For the next Harvest Festival, we will likely hold the Mosaic Contest in this same way next year and for the foreseeable future, until staff are able to better reprogram the code for the the Mosaic as part of the main event.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

See you in December for the Winter Solstice!