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Love Festival Heads-Up and Sign-Ups!

Love (Fest) is in the Air!

It's that time of year again! You can tell because the Peacekeepers are hard at work running around preparing games and prizes for the upcoming festival, along with their gathering of the telltale treats and flowers that tell you it's the Love Festival they're getting ready for.

To put on the festival, the Peacekeepers are looking for a little bit of help! As usual, they need some volunteers to help keep the event running smoothly.

The Love Festival will run from February 14th to the 20th

For this year's Love Festival we are only looking for Tally Loves to volunteer to help tally the booths. If you're interested in running a booth there will always be other future events, where we will likely have volunteer booth runners again! Our booth runners are very much appreciated, but this time we're trying something new to find what works and what doesn't for events.
For those who had wanted to run a booth, we would still love to hear from you! This year we are looking for suggestions for games that will be run - if you have a favorite game from the past events that you want to see again we would love to hear about it. Maybe you have an idea for a new game idea instead? Even better! Please post in this thread letting us know any ideas you have for the upcoming event.

Tally Love sign-ups will be open until rollover to the 5th

Tally Loves will be expected to go around tallying the various game booths throughout the day, as they are available to do so. There is no set time Tally Loves must be online to tally, but they must tally at least one time per day in order to earn their bonus prize (see below).

Payment - Tally Loves will earn 20 points per tally, and for a maximum of 100 points (5 tallies) per day. When the event ends Tally Loves that met the minimum requirement of tallying at least once per day will also earn one extra free pick from both the grand prize tier and mid prize tier in the event shop at no extra point cost.

To volunteer to be a Tally Love please comment below. Remember, sign ups are open until February 4th and will close upon rollover to the 5th, at which time we will contact volunteers.

A reminder that the Design a Flumee Crossbreed Contest is still ongoing!

It is running until and including the 6th of February WRT. On rollover to 7th February WRT the event is officially closed, so be sure to get your entries in before then!