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Applications to Control the Weather

WindRose is looking for additional Moderators...
I would love to boost our moderator ranks up by a few. This is a volunteer position, with a few perks in the form of in-game currency and items.

Moderator Responsibilities
1) Devote personal time each week to maintaining the site's forums and community.
2) Report on all your moderator related activity.
3) Handle user issues and community problems with grace.
4) Be available to organize documents and posts that Eli does not have the time to create.
5) Be receptive to changes in staff structure.

Forum Responsibilities:
* Deleting double posts.
* Checking that users' Kion Earned per post is reasonable.
* Making sure Users are posing appropriately and moving/deleting/locking threads as needed. 
* Answering questions asked directly via PM or in the questions forum.
* Making sure images posted do not stretch pages.

Gameplay Responsibilities:
* Testing new features that Eli has posted about and making sure they work as expected.
* Updating the site's weather.
* Letting Eli know if a feature needs to be modified when she is buried in code and hasn't checked the forums/ economy in weeks.
* Participating in, or creating, Moderator run forum events when site updates are a little slow.

Userbase Responsibilities:
* Making sure user names are appropriate and follow the site rules.
* Making sure Sprout names are appropriate and follow the site rules.
* Making sure profiles are appropriate and do not stretch the page.
* Issuing warnings to users as appropriate.
* Making sure Users are happy and their problems are heard and handled

Once Moderators are chosen I may assign an area of focus for them, such as Community building, or error maintenance, etc. For that reason, please be ready to tell me what skills you are strongest with!

Anyone interested in joining the WindRose Staff should e-mail windrose.staff@gmail.com

Please include your answers to the following application

Time I can devote to WindRose:

Content I can contribute (FAQs, programming, ideas, forum events, etc.):

What would you like WindRose to become in the next year? The next 5 years?

What is the best way to handle repeat breakers of the following rules:
spamming useless posts for Kion?
Harassing another user?
Exploiting a glitch?
Posting pornographic or violent content?
Registering multiple accounts?

As a moderator, what would you like to focus on and why?

Send me the funniest picture/gif you have ever seen online.

Please explain how to own and care for a kitten as though I have never had a pet.

Please include references of anywhere you have moderator experience, including the site address and your username/ID#. Do you have a personal contact there that I can talk to? (email preferred)

There is no deadline. I will make mods when I find the right person. Applications will close once moderators have been found.

Let me know if you have questions/comments in this thread, in case someone else has the same questions/comments :)