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Semi-Minor Enhancements, part 2

More enhancements today. These ones are a little more involved than yesterday's batch.

♦ You can now send an alert to someone you are playing Runes in a Row with, if it's their turn and they haven't gone yet. You can only alert them when the 'quit' option is available, to prevent alert-spamming.

♦ Sprout Lineage/Ancestry pages now display a 'descendants' counter. This counter will track the number of offspring this sprout has or had (before offspring were gardened). This was not tracked prior to today, so most sprouts will display '0' until you visit their lineage page and refresh once. It will count current offspring listed, and increase with each breeding from here on, but will not account for offspring that may have been gardened prior to today. After today, once the counter is up-to-date, this counter will not decrease after an offspring is gardened.

♦ If you hover on a marking/mutation in a sprout's profile more detailed information will now be given. If there are enough research notes in Kate's Notes then the item will be named, and the sample mark/mut will link to the item. The required notes for linking and display is very slightly higher than the amount needed to display in Kate's notes. Custom/Basic status will also be shown

♦ You can now delete garden tiles, and get back the tiles and the plants from the spaces deleted. You can only delete from the end of your garden. Gardening kits are 5000 kion in the garden shop and can delete up to 7 tiles. They will be used up when deleting 1-7 tiles.

♦ You can now choose to search all sprouts, or just your own den sprouts on the Zoology page.