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Getting ready for the Fall Carnival

Hello everyone!

I’m here to let you know we are still working on clearing up the landslide. The cause had been attributed to the soil being wet from the rainy and cloudy weather we have been having. The clean up has been going well so far. It will take a while longer to get it cleared completely up so that that part of the path can become useful again. Rumb and Mik will be leading the clean up of the land slide. So fair they have done really well with it.

In the meantime we decided it might be a good time to start setting up for the Fall Carnival. This year's carnival is currently planned to start running November 19th. We are opening up the registrations for the booths from now until the 8th of November. We are also accepting help with tallying booths this year. This will work like the tally loves from the past Love Festival. Talliers will have until November 15th to sign up. Please read below for explanations on booth running booths and tally helpers. Booth runners you can sign up for as many booths as they feel you can run. Not all booths will be approved though. Once a booth has been looked over you will get a pm asking for more information or explaining why we don’t feel the booth will work for the event.

You can sign up to both run and tally booths.
Please pm Kira to sign up for running a booth or to help tally booths this year.

Tally helpers: Tally helpers will get 5 tickets per booth they tally. They can only tally a booth if five people have played between tallies. Tally helpers can only tally each booth once a day.

Booth Runners: Will be required to start the new day/round. They will also be required to do a daily tally of the booth they are running. Booth runners will get paid 15 tickets per day.

Booth application.

Game name:
User Running:

Description of game:
Cost to play:
How to play:

On the next post we will have a list of already made booths from last year in case anyone wants to run one.

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