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Strawberry, Keeper: Somni

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Something is abuzz....

A Commotion in Town Square...?

"Oh dear, they're everywhere... a lot of them are torn up, too..."

"It's not my fault those sprouts got on the table - whose idea was it to organize these notes out here in the open anyway??"

"Er, yours? Forget that though, what are we going to do about this mess? Kate is going to be back soon and she'll expect the research we were assisting with to be all in order!"

"Why don't we burn everything so there's no evidence!!"

"Yeah, and we can eat the remaining samples! She'll never know! ...You can have the bugs."

"Let's... not do that. Besides, we were supposed to be helping, and I don't think Kate is going to just forget about everything even if it's gone."

"That's true... Maybe we can still figure out which notes go together before she gets back! Hey, maybe some of the other villagers will be able to help too?"

It seems the Peacekeepers are in a bit of a jam and could use your help!

Kate has been taking advantage of the influx of insects drawn to the large number of flowers grown during Blossom Festival to collect research data on each species and their relationship with the various plant life around Kio.
The Peacekeepers were helping organize her illustrated notes, when a few of their sprouts while playing jumped on the table and mixed the papers all up! Now the Peacekeepers need help identifying and putting her notes back in order...

What's That Image? - Blossom Frenzy Edition!

Hello WindRose!
It is time once again for a few rounds of "What's That Image?" - only this time with a small twist. This time, all images will specifically be related to bugs, flowers, and plants!

For those who haven't played before, "What's That Image?" is a game where we present players with sets of images throughout the day. These pictures will be zoomed-in pieces of an image you can see around the site - alchemy items, rares, explore images, etc. Players then try to guess where the image is from, and the first person to guess correctly wins a prize!

You can read more about how to play and join the game here!

What's That Image? - Blossom Frenzy Edition will run from May 21-May 22.